Two Easy Ways To Be Happier At Work!

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Go ahead, admit it: Some days you are less than thrilled with your job.  Are you are even downright miserable at the prospect of going back to work on Monday morning?  There are certainly plenty of things that we can blame that workplace unhappiness on: bosses, boredom, burnout or that never-ending list of tedious tasks to be done every day.  These are all things that nearly every employee can point to, at one time or another, as the cause of their unhappiness.

If you have taken a closer look at the above list, and still cannot pinpoint the specific cause of your unhappiness, then maybe the reason lies a bit closer to home.  Let’s take a look inside ourselves, at two ways you can improve your happiness at work:

It’s Not Personal

The review of the report you submitted to your boss just came back with less than stellar remarks in the columns, and they have asked you redo several of the charts and graphs accordingly.  Now your first reaction might be to jump to anger or frustration after all of the hard work you put in.  While it is true, it is never easy to accept criticism on our work when we feel we have given it our all, there are reasons and benefits to getting these responses.  Your character, work ethic and competence are not being attacked when you receive negative feedback. Rather it is another way of acknowledging your starting point and asking to push further.  Once you are able to let any personal feelings go, you may begin see how this feedback will help you to grow.  Always remember to make it positive, not personal.

Change Takes Time

We have all been there – after having submitted a great suggestion that would streamline day-to-day operations, or an idea to help in training new employees – and still nothing has changed.  You heard from your immediate supervisor that they love your ideas and will definitely be following up on them with their boss, but still you have heard nothing.  It is indeed frustrating when you feel you are not being heard, and you can feel unhappy or even angry about such a situation.  When you find yourself in this place, remember than all changes to procedures and day-to-day operations take time to change and implement.  Instead of letting it keep you from enjoying your job and looking for even more ways to make improvements, remember that it is a positive your ideas are being listened to and considered.  Many employees are not in situations where they will ever be listened to, so be thankful for your voice and continue to use it for good.

These may seem like simple ideas, but remember that in these work situations you have the power to create your own happiness by simply looking at something with a new perspective.


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