AMmobile Pricing

Pricing below is for 1 package.

Receive a 20% discount when you purchase both packages.

AMmobile Module

Onsite Implementation:

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Module Installation:

$1,500 (Includes 2 hours of training. Performed remotely.)

Module Licensing Fee:


Device Licenses

Devices 1-5:


Devices 6-10:


Devices 11+:



Modification Design:

Billed hourly

Modification Programming:

Fixed price after Design Sign Off

Modification Maintenance:

1%/month of total modification programming costs

(Includes free conversion of AMmobile modifications to new versions of AMmobile.

Excludes conversion of AccountMate modifications)

10% off all monthly costs if 12 months are paid in advance.
(1 year commitment required)

Fully Modifiable

Just like AccountMate, every single aspect of AMmobile is fully modifiable/customizable to your business needs


Free Version Upgrades

Fear not! You’ll never be left in the technology graveyard of discontinued product support. Our pricing includes free upgrades to new versions, including any modifications you’ve made to AMmobile!

Hassle Free Installation

We handle every aspect of the installation so you don’t have to.

What is the return on investment?

Purchasing & implementing AMmobile into your everyday business will eliminate the following:

  • Re-entering of quotes & orders manually written up in the field and taking the chance of errors
  • Calling the office to get inventory updates when in the field
  • Printing costs for manually printed quote & order forms
  • Re-entering credit card information after products have been sold – credit cards may get declined if not approved in the field/at a trade show
  • Problems caused from storing credit card information in AccountMate
  • Fixing incorrect item #’s/prices for manually written orders from the field and call the customer with corrections
  • Manually entering addresses into a GPS to get directions to a Customer (and purchasing a GPS)
  • Not being able to provide accurate quotes to customers immediately when visiting them
  • Paper/ink wasted printing reports that may be outdated in a short time instead of having data at your fingertips at all times
  • The loss of customers to competitors that are more modernized
  • The extra time/accuracy of not using barcoding in the field (trade shows, etc)

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