iPhone Tips & Tricks: Extending Your Battery Life

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There is no doubt about it: We love our iPhones. However, do you know what we do not love? A dead or dying iPhone battery! Today we rely on our phones for virtually all types of communication whether it is work, school or family related. However, with a dead or dying battery our beloved device can quickly become a source of frustration. Although Apple has made great improvements to the way the iPhone battery performs in its newest models, there are still some tricks you can utilize to further preserve your battery life. Let’s take a look at these 12 tips to help you improve your phone battery stamina!

WiFi Assist

An iPhone will try to maintain wifi connection, even if that connection is poor, which can drain your battery. In order to prevent this, you should enable the WiFi Assist option. To enable this, go to Settings > Cellular and be sure the switch beside to Wi-Fi Assist is ON or green.

Low Power Mode

Since the introduction of iOS 9, there has been a feature called Low Power Mode. This mode will turn off all but the most necessary features on your iPhone in order to help preserve your battery life. While this is intended for when you hit 20% (or 10%) battery life, you can manually enable this feature at anytime by going to Settings > Battery and toggle the switch beside Low Power Mode to ON or green.

Motion Effects

Apple implemented some pretty cool effects in the latest versions of their iOS. These effects, parallax effects, are what is responsible for the motion you see in some icons and notifications. Although these effects are visually pleasing, they can also drain your battery life. You are able to easily disable these effects for the times when you want to save battery life by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > and toggle the switch to ON or green.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Another cool new feature in the newer iOS is that of Dynamic Backgrounds. These backgrounds all for some animation or movement of your wallpaper on your lock screen. Although they certainly look amazing and add a certain pop to your phone, they too can drain your battery needlessly. In order to preserve further battery life visit Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper and then choose a new wallpaper from the section labeled “Stills”.

Auto Brightness

One feature that can take up massive amounts of battery life is an increased screen brightness. The use of that extra light will consistently drain your battery much faster than normal. So, if you want your phone to automatically adjust to the brightness in your current location just go to Settings > Display & Brightness > and toggle the Auto-Brightness switch to ON or green.

Manual Screen Brightness

If you are not a fan of the above mentioned Auto Brightness feature, you can also adjust the levels manually by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > and reduce the brightness by adjusting the slider. You can also doing this by swiping up from any screen and adjusting the slider in the Control Center.


Although the newest iPhones use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) this feature can still pointlessly drain battery if it remains on while not connected to a bluetooth device. To make sure this does not happen, simply swipe up from any screen to access the Control Center and tap the Bluetooth button to turn it off making it gray.


While 4G is a fabulous feature of most mobile networks, it can also use much more battery life than 3G. If your iPhone is capable of connecting to a 4G network, then it is surely capable of connecting to a 3G network and this can help save your battery if you are not currently in need the fastest internet speeds. In order to disable the 4G on your phone, simply go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and tap Enable LTE to On or green.


Although we discussed WiFi assist above, sometimes we just do not need wifi at all when we are out. Having wifi enabled on your device means that it will be constantly searching for a wifi network to join and this can drain your battery drastically. In order to assure that this does not happen to you, simply swipe up to access the Control Panel and disable the WiFi option making it gray.

Background App Refresh

This iOS feature is very handy for refreshing apps that you check frequently like mail or social media accounts. However, this can be a huge drain on your battery life. At times when you are trying to conserve your battery, simply toggle this feature off. To access that setting, just go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > and toggle the switch to Off or white. You can also find a setting here to toggle off individual apps instead of all of them.

App Location Services

Location services use wifi triangulation or GPS in order to know where you are. This is a very useful feature for many apps, but as with many other iPhone options can contribute to draining your battery. At times when you do not need this service, simply go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > and toggle the switch to Off or white for all apps, or toggle the available switches to apply this to individual apps as you choose.

System Location Services

So above we discussed the App Location Services, but that does not mean we are done yet. You can still further protect your battery life by disabling Location Services for many other features. To turn this off, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and then scroll down until you see System Services. After selecting System Services, you can choose to toggle switches individual services by switching them to Off or white. It is recommended to disable Product Improvement and Location Based Apple Ads as first options.

Hey, Siri

Even when you are not utilizing her services, Siri is continuously working in the background. This an iOS default setting allowing her to be accessible on a moment’s notice. When you are trying to conserve your battery charge, it would be wise to turn her off temporarily. In order to disable this feature, go to Settings > Siri and then toggle the switch beside Hey Siri to Off or white.

We hope that these tricks and tips will help you keep your iPhone battery life charged on even your longest and most challenging work days!


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