Four Skills You Should Add To Your Resume. . . Now

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We know that competition can get intense when interviewing with potential employers for a coveted position or even a long awaited promotion. When you want to stand out among a crowd, here are four skills you should consider adding to your resume that just might give you an edge over your competition.

Public Speaking

We know that public speaking is an anxiety-inducing situation for most people. However, if you are able to conquer your fear and master this skill, it will not only help you throughout your various interview processes, but will also become a highly marketable asset. There are many local and online courses designed to help you learn strategies to deal with anxiety and how to speak to groups of all sizes.

Foreign Language

Adding your bilingual ability on a resume will not only make you stand out among other applicants, but it can open various opportunities to work abroad. Depending on where you are geographically located, there may be a prevalent language that would be beneficial in which to become fluent in. You may also want to consider the regions and countries in which the company does business when choosing a language. There are language courses available at most local community colleges as well various online programs and apps to help you learn at all levels: beginner through advanced.

Adobe Creative Cloud

As any graphic designer or videographer can tell you, the Adobe apps are a pretty standard and required skill set. However, you do not have to be a creative in order to benefit from learning these apps and skill sets. Learning how to retouch photos, create videos, design posters or illustrations can be a highly beneficial skill to add to your resume. These skill sets can show your diversity as a cooperative member of a team tackling many tasks and projects. You can learn these skills by attending in person classes at local universities or community colleges, or by taking an online course – both of which will offer hands on experience.

Learn to Code

You probably already know that learning even the most basic of coding skills can truly benefit you both in your job search as well as in the workplace. Investing approximately 30 hours in a course that includes MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and more can really pay off by allowing you to create some pretty impressive websites.

So what are you waiting for? Add some new skills to your resume today and watch new and unexpected doors open for you!


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