Five Tips For Using Emojis In Social Media

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Nearly everyone uses fun, colorful emojis in their own text messages and personal posts on social media. Whether we love to use colorful food, faces or holiday emojis, we know how fun they can be and how quickly they can brighten up an otherwise dull message. However, when posting business posts, does your business speak emoji?

Did you know that using emojis in your social media posts can increase your likes, comments, shares and overall follower engagement? It has been shown that when using emojis on Twitter, typical post engagement has increased by approximately 25%. When you utilize them in Facebook posts they can increase your overall number of Likes by approximately 57% and an increase in both comments and shares by nearly 33%. As you can see these little guys are worth learning about to be sure that we are using them to our advantage!

While it is easy to choose your favorite emojis when communicating personally, maybe you are not sure how to incorporate them into your work and business communications. Well here are five tips to help you get started.

*Know Your Emoji

Make sure you know what the emojis you choose mean, and that you are using them to highlight one or two things you have mentioned in the text of your social media post. For example, using a couple of food emojis to describe a new menu item that your restaurant might be offering or a computer and money bag emoji to highlight a hardware sale being described by a retail store. These can catch your readers eye and draw them to interact with your current post.

*Show Your Appreciation

Choosing some basic emoji to accent a post sharing good news with your customers will put a smile on their face and help them be a part of the celebration. Clapping hands, music notes, and party horn emojis can all clue your reader in to the fact that you are sharing something exciting in your post or through a shared link. Readers always like good news, so why not share it in a fun way?

*Emphasize A Part Of Your Post

Did you know that humans are wired to automatically look where a finger or arrow is pointing? You can easily use this fact to help draw attention to a specific part of your post and highlight it to be sure it gets noticed. If your current post is discussing the implementation of a new community outreach program, you might want to make use of the pointing finger emoji, or a green arrow emoji in order to draw the attention of your readers to a link that would allow them to sign up for the volunteer project. This is a simple way to drive attention to your ultimate goal.

*Create An Interactive Experience

While you can always use emojis to accent, celebrate and draw attention, you can also use them as a stand alone interactive experience. Perhaps you could choose to create a cryptic emoji only message that your readers must decipher in order to win a contest, a prize or a discount. You could also choose to make an important announcement by using an emoji only social media post and allowing readers to guess and discuss what the news might be. Regardless of how you choose to use them, they are a fun way to create excitement and interaction.

*Be Emoji Appropriate

Remember that there is always a time and place to appropriately use emojis. Using emojis in your social media posts and even some email promotions is perfectly acceptable, just remember that when sending a serious communication to a new customer or supervisor, you might still want to omit the emojis. Most people will always seeing an emoji in their communication, but remember to keep it appropriate.

So now that you know the benefits of using emojis in your marketing you are ready to get posting! Have fun!


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