What is the cost of AMmobile?

You can visit our Pricing page for all pricing information.

What features does AMmobile offer?

You can visit our Features page to view an in depth view of all the features offered by AMmobile.

Is there a demo of AMmobile that I can download?

Yes, there definitely is! You can download the demo copy of AMmobile here.

Does AMmobile use up AccountMate licenses?

AMmobile implements its own licensing system and does not use up any of the AccountMate user licenses. AMmobile licenses are not related to AccountMate licenses in any way. This means, you can have 3 AccountMate user licenses, and 10 AMmobile licenses or vice versa.


How does AMmobile get my AccountMate data?

During the initial login, AMmobile downloads a subset of AccountMate data, based on your apps settings, to store locally on the iPad for quick offline access. It uses the process described below to retrieve data from AccountMate:


Note: In the above graphic, while the Web Server and Database Server are pictured as two different theoretical servers, they could be located on the same physical server in the real world.

What strategies does AMmobile use to secure data?

AMmobile employs multiple strategies in order to keep your AccountMate data secure.

  1. User Rights
    • This allows you to dictate which users get access to which pieces of data and how they’re allowed to interact with that data.
  2. Installation Authorizations
    • All new installations must first be authorized by an administrator before it will be allowed to login and get access to your data. Existing installations can also be manually de-authorized should they become lost or stolen.
  3. Force Erase Installations
    • Installations that are no longer under your control for any reason can be set to auto-erase all AMmobile data upon opening AMmobile. This is extremely powerful should a device become lost or stolen and you don’t want your AccountMate data getting in the wrong hands.
  4. Auto Lock After Failed Login Attempts
    • Should a user fail to successfully log in after a defined amount of times, the user account used when the login failed, along with the installation used, will be locked and require an administrator to unlock them before they can be used to login again.
  5. HTTPS SSL Protocol
    • All data transmitted to and from AMmobile is done so over secure HTTPS SSL protocol. This protocol encrypts all data being transferred and prevents anyone from stealing your AccountMate data over the network.
  6. 256 bit AES Encrypted Passwords
    • All passwords used for AMmobile are encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption. Additionally, all your passwords are encrypted using a code unique to you. Meaning that the password, “p@ssw0rd”, encrypted on your installation of AMmobile is different from the password, “p@ssw0rd”, encrypted on another installation of AMmobile.

See our Security Matters Info Sheet for more details.

Is AMmobile modifiable/customizable?

Yes! Just like AccountMate, every single aspect of AMmobile is fully modifiable/customizable to your business needs. Talk to your AccountMate Solution Provider today for more details.

We can even make separate custom mobile apps for your company! See for details.


What are the requirements for AMmobile?

You can visit our Requirements page for all requirements information.

What versions of AccountMate are AMmobile compatible with?

AMmobile is compatible with AccountMate SQL version 8 or later.

You can also visit our Requirements page for all requirements information.

What mobile devices does AMmobile support?

AMmobile supports any iPad 2 or later, iPad Mini 1 or later, or iPhone 6 Plus or later running iOS 9 or later.

You can also visit our Requirements page for all requirements information.

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