Does It Pay To Be A Workaholic?

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Most of us already know that running your own business will take hard work, dedication and patience in order to be successful. However, are you also a business owner the believes they have to work all the time, 24/7 no matter what? Well, it turns out that transforming into a workaholic will not always equate higher productivity. Shocked? Let’s take a look at the reasons why:

Busy Does Not Mean Productive

Simply because a person is busy all of the time does not mean they are actually being productive. Most often people who are workaholics are not good members of a team because they tend to be unable to effectively delegate tasks. Since they remain in a constant state of “busy” they often make more mistakes, display less organization and more have problems and conflicts due to being overcommitted.

Give Me A Break

A person who considers themselves to be a workaholic is likely doing themselves more harm than good by keeping crazy work schedules and long hours. Research has shown that people who struggle with regularly high stress levels, lack of sleep and little to no exercise have lower productivity levels and a general lack of creativity. Due to the high demands that they tend to place on themselves, workaholics do not have regular sleep and exercise schedules. Our brains need a chance to rest, recharge and rejuvenate in order to continue to be sharp, productive and creative.

Warning: Health Alert

Many studies have shown that workaholics, those that work 55 or more hours in a week, are more likely to deal with cardiac health issues, strokes, high stress levels, poor diet and a significant lack of regular exercise. Obviously this means that workaholics are doing themselves a severe disservice by working so much, even going so far as to jeopardize their health in the process. These same studies show that reducing work hours to a more typical amount, up to 40, can reduce these issues significantly.

Based upon what we have discussed above, it does in fact seem that being a workaholic can be extremely detrimental to both your business and your health.  So now what? If you have just realized that you are a workaholic and want to take this opportunity to make some positive changes in your life, here are some tips you can begin implementing today:

Schedule Your Down Time: This includes time with family and friends, as well as other social events or pastimes. Placing these events and times into your regular calendar will help you view them as any other work related meeting and plan ahead to be available.

Set Your Work Hours: Create a daily and weekly schedule of your work hours and stick to it. Being on a set schedule can actually help you make the most of your time and increase your focus and productivity.

Planning + Prioritization = Productivity: Create a daily schedule of tasks that will allow you to tackle and accomplish your most productive projects first. When you properly prioritize, it allows you to see your progress at the end of day and eliminates the stress of not finishing an important project first.

Just Say No: Do not accept projects or outside commitments that would require you to sacrifice your down time.

Turn Off The Tech: Do not check your work email, voicemail or take work related phone calls when you are off work, even on vacation. The mental stress of these activities can take away from your personal down time making it harder to relax and destress.

Eat, Sleep & Be Healthy: Scheduling and committing to a regular routine of healthy eating and exercise, will help improve your sleep patterns as well as eliminating daily stress.

Remember, no one wants to work or do business with someone who is exhausted, grumpy or continuously stressed out. Taking steps today to curb your workaholic tendencies will not only help to improve your overall health and well-being, but also your productivity and success in the business world.


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