Data Theft: 13 Ways To Safeguard Your Data

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We know that nearly all businesses, big and small, rely on large amounts of data to keep everything running smoothly. We need to access this data conveniently, often from various locations in order to keep on top of things like customer and supplier databases, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing data, employee records, tax records, etc.

A collection of crucial data like this gives thieves the motivation to steal this data by targeting the unsafe or uninformed habits of everyone who accesses your data daily. Their goal is to make a quick profit by selling whatever data that they can steal. So, what kinds of data are they looking for and how do they steal it?  Let’s take a look below:

At Risk Data:

Data thieves are often looking for very specific types of personal data. Some of these include:

*Login and password information for online accounts and email addresses
*Various types of banking or financial records
*Information that can personally identify any specific users
*Customer purchasing/sales data
*Company work, presentations, research and more.

But How Do They Get My Data?

There are four key ways that data thieves like to use to steal your data. Some of them include:

*Phishing: Using emails or text messages, usually with a clickable link, from a site that seems to be a trusted source.

*Wardriving: Accessing your data by installing spyware via your wireless network.

*Keylogging: Using logged keystrokes from a computer to figure out sensitive login and password information

*Physical collection: This is any collection of lost, discarded or stolen data that has personal information, i.e., bank records, credit card mail offers, etc.


So They Have My Data – Now What?
Once data thieves successfully access and steal your information they can do a lot damage. Some of those things are listed below:

*Leak sensitive information about your company to the public or your competitors.
*Use and/or withdraw money from any bank account.
*Use personal information to steal an identity for further personal benefit.
*Utilize your online accounts to shop fraudulently.
*Delete, damage or alter company data that is crucial to operations.

So What Can I Do To Stop Them?

According to SwiftTech Solutions, there are several things you can do to stop data thieves from stealing your data. Some of these things include:

*Scan computers and smartphones with an anti-malware program. Your anti-malware program should be set up to constantly watch for signs of an attack. Also, run updates of the software as soon as they are available in order to receive fixes to security vulnerabilities.

*Encrypt data on devices, during transit, and in the cloud.

*Enable remote wipe of electronic devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, in case they are misplaced or stolen.

*Wipe data from electronic devices before disposing of them.

*Shred paper documents, such as vendor payment invoices, cancelled checks, and price lists, when they are no longer needed.

*Password protect computers, laptops, and smartphones. Also, change the passwords to the devices every three months.

*Secure physical confidential records by storing paper files and removable storage devices in a locked cabinet or safe.

*Disable the printing function of confidential digital records.

*Enforce access policies on an as-needed basis. For example, your salespeople don’t need access to the accounting shared network drive.

*Audit your physical location for data breach risks, such as confidential documents left on a fax machine. SwiftTech Solutions can assist your company with this task.

*Keep operating systems and applications up to date.
*Avoid opening links and attachments from untrusted sources.

*Conduct cybersecurity training periodically so your employees can keep an eye out for attempts by outsiders to get confidential information.

While no one action alone can guarantee to fully protect all of your data, by implementing the above steps into your data security practices, it can greatly help to reduce the chances of a significant data breech to your company.

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