Cold Email: The Art Of Sending Email To A Stranger

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In every business there are many aspects that you will find enjoyable or even fun; unfortunately, composing cold emails is not one of those things.  Whether you are looking for a new business partner, an investor in a new venture or some new customers, emailing strangers to introduce yourself and your business is never easy.  Here are four easy tips to help get you started:

Choose The Right Contact

When you are deciding upon which people and companies you should email, choosing the appropriate contact is key.  Although you can always use referrals from friends or other business associates, the use of LinkedIn or professional associations is also a good place to start.  You will want to reach out to a person who will be most able to provide you with the information you have requested and with whom you can build a working relationship.  Although it is tempting to contact the CEO of a company directly, that is not typically your best option.

Research, Research & Research

When you have decided on the person you would like to reach out to with a cold email,  it is time to get down to work and do some old fashioned research.  You will want to read up on the industry that your new contact is involved in and perhaps learn about some of their most recent projects and accomplishments.  You can gather this type of information by reading recent company newsletters, blogs authored by your prospective contact and perusing their LinkedIn profile.  It will be most helpful if you discover some things that you might have in common and what you can offer to their business and long term goals.

Short, Sweet & To The Point

When sending a cold email, probably the most important thing to remember is to catch your readers attention, state the purpose of your email and sign off respectfully.  Creating a catchy subject line including your contacts name will let them know the email is for them specifically and will help get your message read.  Once you have their attention, you need to state your reason for writing as concisely as possible.  Whether you are seeking investors, or telling someone about how your latest mobile app could benefit their business, do so clearly and politely.

Rejection Happens. . . Often

Whether you have just pressed the send button on your first cold email, or your hundredth, there will always be the nervous anticipation of  “when” you will hear back from your new contact.  However, as can often be the case, you could be waiting a while.  Many people and businesses just simply do not respond to cold emails, or they may have limited time in their daily schedule for correspondence.  No matter the reason, you should be prepared that not every cold email will receive a response.  Rejection is a way of life in business and most importantly in sales.  You could have composed the perfect email and sometimes it is still not enough to draw an interested response.  However, for every email that you send to a new contact, you are that much closer to achieving your goals.

We understand that cold emails can be an awkward and difficult aspect of any business, but we hope that these tips will make you feel more prepared the next time you are reaching out to a new contact.  Remember:  It is okay to talk to strangers!


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