Choosing A New iPad: What’s Right For You?

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So, you are ready to buy a new iPad – but which one? Whether this will be your first iPad or your fifth, there are many factors to consider in choosing the right one to meet your needs. There is a reason that iPads are the best selling tablet on the market, but do you need a top of the line model with all the bells and whistles, or would you be able to accomplish your goals with a more affordable option? Let’s take a look at some of your options:

One of the first, and major things to look at and consider when choosing a new iPad will be your storage needs. Storage on a iPad is measured in gigabytes (GB), so the more GB you have the more room you have to store digital content directly on your device. This includes apps, documents, music, books, photos, etc. For people who primarily rely upon online storage services (like iCloud) and use multiple streaming services for music, books and video content, storage would be less of an issue. These people could likely choose a new iPad with a smaller GB storage capacity and this will work perfectly for them. For others who store their work files, apps, music, photos and movies directly on their device, they may need to consider an iPad with a larger storage capacity in order to meet their needs. When choosing your new iPad it is also very important to consider how your storage needs can and will change over time. If you are a student or perhaps involved in a start-up business, you will need to take your future needs into account when making your choices.

Now, on to choosing the right iPad model to meet your needs. Here is a quick break down of the four most popular iPad variations followed by a chart to show some of the specs.

*iPad Mini 4
Not everyone wants or needs a huge screen and that is where the 7.9 inch iPad Mini 4 fits in. It is extremely light and portable making it great for watching various media and browsing the web while on the go. It sports an Apple A8 chip making it fairly speedy and a screen that is sharp and easily viewable in a variety of lighting situations. While it is not ideal to reply upon for productivity, for a small portable tablet it is great. You can pick up an iPad Mini 4 for around $400 depending upon your connectivity and storage options.

*New iPad (2017)
This new iPad is meant to replace the iPad Air 2 in Apple’s iPad roster. This iPad has a bright, visually pleasing 9.7 inch screen and A9 chipset that makes its performance very speedy, but since it comes in just below the iPad Pro series, it does not allow for a Smart Keyboard or Apple Pencil support, as well as being slightly less powerful. It does include iOS 11, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a ten hour battery life when used under typical operating conditions. Generally speaking this is a good choice if you do not plan to use it much for productivity. You can buy this option beginning around $330, baring a special sale or promotional offer.

*iPad Pro 10.5
If you are looking for an iPad that can easily keep up with multiple apps while using an Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, then this might be the iPad for you. This option also has a ProMotion screen that will not only provide crisp text and images, but also provide a seamless scrolling experience and virtually lag free response when using an Apple Pencil for a more natural drawing experience. This iPad allows for more uses for professionals, and in business while still allowing for basic media consumption. This iPad is available beginning at about $650 depending upon your storage and connectivity options.

*iPad Pro 12.9
While this iPad has the same basic features of the iPad Pro 10.5, this iPad has easily become a laptop replacement of sorts for a lot of people. While you might still need your laptop for certain tasks, when looking at the iPad Pro 12.9’s beautiful, large screen it will be easy to forget exactly what those tasks are. This screen size easily allows for the operation of side by side apps helping to increase your productivity as well as watch a wide variety of media. The seamless interface with the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil only enhance this feature. This iPad Pro, as part of the Pro series, also includes a ProMotion screen & smart connectivity. While there are not a lot of down sides to this iPad, the biggest and most obvious is the cost. The iPad Pro12.9 is available for around $800 depending upon your choices in storage and connectivity.

As you can see there are a variety of options available with any iPad purchase. In order to be well prepared to choose the right model for you, be sure to assess what it is you want to use your iPad for and how you expect it to perform. Will it be primarily for web browsing and watching media? Then considering a mini or new iPad might be right for you. Do you plan to try and work through your commute or on the go, or work with graphic design? Then an iPad Pro series might be right for you. No matter what choice you make, you are sure to love your new iPad.


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