Business Design: Why Looks Do Matter

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We know, especially as small business owners, that the current business environment is highly competitive and constantly changing. It is hard to know exactly for how long a business, large or small, will remain relevant in its given industry. Everyday we see businesses in technology, healthcare, transportation, retail sales and more, closing their doors due to a lack of sales and sustainability. In these uncertain times, we have ask ourselves what makes a business thrive and even grow? What could we be doing now to assure our continued future success? Well, it turns out – Looks do matter!

When discussing business design, it is a broad field and can encompass many aspects of our businesses. Studies have shown that businesses whose online presence provides relevant content that is both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing perform better than their competitors who have not focused on similar design elements. The success, stock prices and market share all reflect a companies willingness to invest in design.

Design successes and failures can be seen all around us in the business world. Airbnb was able to double their weekly revenue early on, simply by requiring professional photographs for their website instead of continuing to use less appealing amateur photos. Blockbuster, on the other hand, clearly missed their chance to change and enhance their design and remain competitive in their market segment. If they had been willing to use design to their advantage it is believed they could have stayed relevant alongside Netflix. However, in choosing to not create a new design that involved an intuitive search interface that was both visually appealing and easy-to-use they essentially sealed their fate.

Many top companies and CEOs have begun to recognize the essential need for good design and have begun hiring Executive Design Officers to help stay on top of the game. Design is all around us every day – from business cards to promotional items, and from websites to mobile apps. In order to stay relevant businesses must keep design at the top of their priority list.

So, does your business need a design makeover? Remember: Looks do count!

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