Marketing Your Small Business: What Should You Know?

by | Dec 16, 2016 |

As a small business owner, you already know how important that marketing can be to the success of your business, but are you implementing these digital marketing tips ensure that you are truly getting noticed?

A recent blog post by Capital One’s Spark Business listed several tips that all small businesses should be taking advantage of.  We have shared some of these tips below:

Show off your product

Obviously, you already know how great your products are, but do your customers?  If you just paused to think about this, then you probably need to show off your product a bit more.  Creating posts about your product, the creation and development process, its use and availability will help drive interest in your product or service and potentially increase your visibility among potential customers.

Word of Mouth

Most of us know that one satisfied or happy customer will tell five of their friends or coworkers about your product or service.  However, did you know that one unhappy customer can tell up to 100 friends, coworkers or potential customers?  Often times happy customers do not think to leave a positive review or feedback on your social media pages when they have a good experience, but you can undoubtedly expect that anyone who may have had a negative experience certainly will.  When we focus on customer service and making sure we meet the customers needs and expectations, that our marketing (via word of mouth) will practically take care of itself.


Utilizing a short videos or even a .gif on social media sites of a product or service that your business offers allows your customers and potential customers to see your products and services in action.   This visual hook can not only draw more views and shares for your site, but actually allows your potential customers an unexpected chance to see your products and services showcased for them.

Do NOT count “Likes”

As a small business owner, it is very easy to get wrapped up in the number of “Likes” your page has on Social Media sites like Facebook, or the number of followers you may gain on Twitter or Instagram. However, while these can be exciting, the focus of our marketing practices should always be to drive sales.  If our products and services are being purchased as a result of a specific post or campaign, then those are the ones that should be noted and repeated in the future.

Utilizing SEO’s

Another very useful tool in marketing your business online is the use of SEO’s or Search Engine Optimizers.  When utilized in a post or blog that is authentic and useful to your potential customers, SEO’s can hand deliver these customers directly to your page.  For example if you are a Tax Attorney, posting a blog with some current tax tips, using the appropriate SEO’s ( i.e., Taxes, TaxFiling, IRS, etc.) will being people to you who are already interested in the topic you are sharing and who could easily become a new customer.

Remember, marketing your small business using current tools available on social media can be tricky, but if you implement these tips you are sure to see your business grow before your eyes.


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